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Dual Stream Technology is an AI company that innovates new ways for human intuition, sentiment, judgement, understanding and meaning to become highly relevant and useful to the ascent of AI and advanced automation, and later on AGI – artificial general intelligence. Such essential human support to AI and automation systems will allow these technologies to bring major new applications and their benefits to human society over the coming years. And, also allow humans to continue to do what they do best...

Our mission at Dual Stream Technology is to curate the sentimental, intuitive and other unique aspects of human intelligence to provide feedback and contextual input “on tap” for queries by humans and AI systems. We are building an ecosystem that celebrates, rewards, and captures curiosity, intuition, opinion, experiential knowledge and the unique perspectives of humans, including qualified experts, to assist individuals, businesses, and AI systems improve real-life decision making.

Currently, when uncertainty, risk, and less-than-ideal conditions such as faulty data are present, AI does not generally perform well. Dual Stream Technology focuses on supporting AI and its growth by enhancing situational awareness, understanding and its meaning during analysis and decision-making. Which are achieved by connecting real world situations and issues to human values, imagination, creativity and sentiment in support of AI and its learning tools and other capabilities, including mining Big Data for AI training.

Dual Stream Technology bridges the gap between the creative, empathetic, emotional and unique perspectives of human feedback and the statistical data processing results of convoluted deep neural networks, to aid decision-making. This combination of results can enable various forms of AI to achieve a higher degree of intelligence behavior.

The problem
AI applications, algorithms, and machine-learning “bots” can on occasion get off track - sometimes dangerously so! Some of the causes for this include advanced machines getting off track and even lost, by way of:
  • - Loss of context, with the circumstance or issue under consideration.
  • - Weak results when situations are prone to uncertainty and flux.
  • - Mixed sentiment and direction from human counterparts.
  • - Limited access to incomplete data, poor models and bias.
  • - Situations requiring complex emotional responses.
  • - A lack of clear agency between the humans and the machines.


  • Humans can provide or enhance:
  • - Context.
  • - Situational Awareness.
  • - Emotional input.
  • - Values and Preferences.
  • - Meaning and Understanding.
  • - Sentiment & Opinion.
  • - Creativity and Imagination.
  • - Out-of-the-box Thinking.
  • - Feedback & Control.
  • - Intuition and Imagination.
  • - Political Wisdom.
  • - Causal Reasoning.
  • - Real World Experience.
  • - Sensual Knowledge.
  • … and more.

According to many leading AI experts, the further progress of AI toward true intelligence will require a good deal of human-in-the-loop support. Dual Stream is developing tools to assist in achieving this result. It envisions a world where AI and human-in-the-loop intelligence work together seamlessly to support each other in making better choices, and also in resolving conflicts when they occur. The benefit to humans is considerable when working alongside smart algorithms, fast processing power, analytical decision methods, and other computer tools. But only as long as human values, culture and understanding are preserved, and the process is safe.

How do we solve the problem?

Dual Stream Technology is researching and designing a platform upon which advanced machine and human driven tasks may be completed in concert, as AI applications and humans share results on computers and smartphones. Simple, gamified applications along with various tools and utilities on the platform will be able to access human cognition, knowledge and wisdom alongside the results out of machine intelligence. All designed for ease of use in a manner that is accessible and rewarding to users. 

We reward human knowledge!

The synergy of AI and human intelligence can be applied to numerous real-life situations in healthcare, transportation, markets, manufacturing, design, public service, advertising, communication and others.


Leo Willner, PhD

President & CEO

Sarah Blincoe

Founder & Chairman

Chriss Mejía

Vice President

Blake Anderson

Senior Scientist

Jim Schofield


Stuart Wilson


Doug Scribner