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Dual Stream Technology keeps human intuition, sentiment, and opinions relevant and visible in a world where automation, AI and machine intelligence have the chance to create massive opportunities for humans do to what they do best...
Our mission at Dual Stream Technology is to curate the sentimental and intuitive sides of human intelligence for feedback and helpful contextual input that can be “on tap” for real-time queries by both humans and AI. We are building an ecosystem that celebrates, rewards, and captures curiosity, intuition, opinion, experiential knowledge and the unique perspectives of qualified experts from around the globe to assist individuals, businesses, and AI in improving real-life decisions.
Currently, when uncertainty, risk, and less-than-ideal data is present, AI does not generally perform well. Dual Steam Technology focuses on both supporting AI and its growth while enhancing its users’ decision-making skills by connecting them not only to other humans’ insights, but also to Big Data and AI.
Dual Stream Technology bridges the gap between the creative, empathetic, emotional and unique perspectives of human feedback and the raw data of AI to aid in better decision-making. This presentation of information often prompts AI to act with more intelligence behavior.
The problem
AI, algorithms, and machine-learning “bots” can often get off track --- sometimes dangerously so! Some of the reasons machines may get lost include:
  • -loss of context with the situation under observation
  • -Situations that are full of uncertainty
  • -Mixed sentiment and directions from humans
  • -Access to incomplete data, poor models, or bias
  • -Situations or decisions that require complex emotional responses


  • -context
  • -opinion
  • -intuition
  • -sentiment
  • -feedback
  • -emotional input
  • -sensual experiences
  • … and more

For real progress of AI toward true intelligence human-in-the-loop support is needed. Dual Stream now has the technology to easily achieve such results!

Dual Stream Technology envisions a world where AI and human-in-the-loop intelligence work together seamlessly to support each other in making better choices. The benefit to humans is almost unquantifiable, with real-time access to fast processing power, raw-data decision making, and quantitative analysis of computers.

How do we solve the problem?
Dual Stream Technology is building a platform for unique human driven tasks to be completed on smartphones. Simple, gamified, fun applications sit on top of our platform to access human wisdom in exchange for money, cryptocurrency, prizes, and rewards. It’s easy to use and accessible to the world.

We reward human knowledge!

The synergy of AI and human intelligence can be applied to an endless number of real life situations such as financial markets, healthcare, advertising, manufacturing, transportation and communication, just to name a few.


Leo Willner, PhD

President & CEO

Sarah Blincoe

Founder & Chairman

Chriss Mejía

Vice President

Blake Anderson

Senior Scientist

Jim Schofield


Stuart Wilson


Doug Scribner